JimzGemz has lots of laces, chains and beaded chains that we are now offering with more of our pendants.  The possibilities are extensive:

SUEDE LACES- These are long soft leather laces that I can tie in a slip knot for you, if you request.  That allows the pendant height to be adjusted.  colors- brown, taupe, black, green and red.

$3, free with the purchase of 2 or more pendants.

CLOTH LACES- Dark and Light blue. 18"   $5 

Silver Anodized chains- 18" various clasps (lobster, magnetic...)


Snake chains, light weight and heavier weight $20 and $30 (lobster)

Gold plated chains- 18" $20

Beaded chains- 18" and 36" in a variety of gemstones $35 to $50 (you can see some examples where I have paired them in the listings with chains.