COLORS:  The EtsyRank Color Thesaurus gives 12 basic colors.  You can think about them as being attached to the numbers of a traditional clock.  I will give one example of each-

1 Cyan (also called Aqua), a basic color used in printing,  Amazonite.

2 Blue-Cyan, one of the colors of Turquoise.

3 Blue, Lapis Lazuli.

4 Blue Magenta (working on it)

5 Magenta, which is not a pure color a mixture of red and violet.

6 Red Magenta, Charoite.

7 Red, Sonoran Sunrise/Sunset.

8 Orange, or Red-Yellow, Bumblebee Jasper,

9 Yellow, Bumblebee Jasper

10 Green-Yellow, Gaspeite.

11 Green, Chrysoprase

12 Green-Cyan, Aquamarine.

and we are back to Cyan, at 1 o-clock.

The challenge becomes how to name the thousands of colors that people recongnize.  I am working on that using a tool called Marmalead, which tells me what names people actually use to search...